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Dimensions of Excellence


CHS has been doing open adoption since 1980.  We are very proud of the fact that we were one of the first programs in the United States to make a commitment to the open approach to adoption.  That fact means two important things.  First, it is testimony to the depth of our conviction.  We’ve “paid our dues” through the years… our breakthroughs were gained by overcoming the opposition of many who now cheerfully claim them.  In a world that often seems fickle, we think conviction stands out.  Second, nothing teaches like experience.  Because of our matchless experience, we look to the future with confidence.  No matter what comes up, we’ve probably seen something like it before.  If we haven’t, we will simply find it more interesting than usual.


How refreshing it is to have all the cards on the table.  Because we think adoption is a good thing, we don’t see any reason for anyone, including ourselves, to be evasive or sneaky.  What you see is what you get in this program.


Some people go through adoption feeling very alone.  Maybe that’s okay for some folks, but we think adoption is a lot more relaxed and a lot more fun when it involves teamwork.  None of us has all the answers by ourselves…  we get better results when we collaborate.  We’ll make this journey together.  You drive, we’ll navigate.


This program really works!  Outsiders tell us that our open adoption families are somehow “different” than others.  We agree.  Perhaps we deserve a little credit, but most of the credit goes to our families – they have accomplished great things.


We have been blessed to be part of something that is far bigger than we are.  Although we’re a small program, we’ve had a mighty impact locally and all around the country.  It has been our good fortune to be closely connected to the best thinkers in the field of adoption.  While some are content to follow, our folks would rather show the way.