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By visiting our website, you are exploring the possibility of adoption.  Whether you are an expectant parent or a couple wanting to have a child, there probably is sadness in this… for it suggests there is something about your circumstances which must be far less than ideal.

For expectant parents, we will want to work together to relieve those circumstances so that you and your child can remain together.  If those efforts don’t make parenting a good option, we will work with you – under your leadership – as you design the best possible alternative…  a well-developed plan for adoption.

For prospective adoptive families, it is normal, of course, to be anxious.  Our job is to allay your fears as best we can and provide you with a full understanding of our program, our experience, and the values that steer us.

For everyone involved, adoption is a very major decision which causes worry.  The questions are heavy-duty:

  • Who can be trusted to arrange an adoption?
  • What is the difference between closed and open adoption?
  • What does open adoption really mean?
  • How does it work?
  • And the most important question of all:  Is adoption really the best choice?

We hope that our website will at least partially address these questions.  We stand ready to help you sort out your best options… If you are an expectant parent, whether adoption is the best course…   If you are a couple exploring different agencies or avenues, whether our program offers you the best fit.

It can be tempting to seek directions that appear the easiest or the least painful.  We understand this, but we want to encourage you to set simple answers aside and put your heart, mind, and soul into this experience.


Accepting Applications

We currently are accepting applications from married couples who have an interest in adoption. CHS works only with “direct consent” placements – as opposed to “special needs” or foster care – where birth parents select the couple to adopt their baby. Since 1980, the agency has been a pioneer and national leader in promoting open adoption and we have placed more than 550 children with families in northern Michigan. We are a “child-centered” program and firmly believe openness best serves the needs of adopted kids. It is common for inquiring couples to have apprehensions, but applicants are made to feel welcome as we help them address their concerns.