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Words of a Birth Grandmother

March 21, 2014

I thought I'd give a grandma's opinion.  This baby, Iyla, is my first grandchild.  This whole experience has been nothing but happy tears and meeting very special people.  I have never been more proud of my daughter’s decision, for choosing a family who's ready, willing, and able to love and support a child that, for whatever reason, were unable to have of their own.  My daughter was not ready to raise a child as well as the child deserved, and she knew it.  Our whole family was willing to help in any way we could and to support her choice, whether it was for open adoption or to keep the baby herself.  Through CHS she found an amazing couple.  We met up with them a few different times during the pregnancy and met with other family members as well.  We went out to eat, hung out, and really got to know one another. They came to doctor appointments.  They were there for the birth.  I honestly could not imagine it working any other way.  I would feel safe saying WE ALL have gained FAMILY through this.  The adoptive family has been sending pictures daily and including us in family events to see Iyla.  I thank God for organizations like CHS.  AMAZING!!!

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