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What is Open Adoption?

Many people are confused about the meaning of “open adoption,” but we believe the definition is very clear:

Open adoption is a form of adoption in which the child maintains an ongoing relationship with his or her birth family.

True open adoption requires four preliminary steps:

    1. The birth parents choose the adoptive family.

    2.  There is a face-to-face meeting between the birth and adoptive families.

    3.  Full identifying information is exchanged.

    4.  A plan for a continuing relationship is established.

While open adoption consists of these actions, it is probably best understood as a set of attitudes.  At the heart of open adoption is the Golden Rule, and above all, open adoption is a matter of mutual respect, care, and compassion.  Birth and adoptive families come together and create themselves an arrangement to serve the child they so love. 

At CHS, we offer a distinct form of adoption called Values Based Open Adoption.  Our experience has taught us there are fundamental values which we believe should be present in every open adoption plan:

  • Child-centered.  
  • Based on Honesty and Openness with Others.
  • Based on Choices.
  • Comes to Terms with the Pain of Loss.
  • Recognizes the Interdependence between Adoptive and Birth Families.