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Pregnancy Counseling

The words, “The test is positive; you’re pregnant” can be some of the best or worst words imaginable.  Nothing is quite the same once those words have been said.  Their impact depends on the circumstances; timing makes all the difference.  When we feel reasonably prepared, the news is exciting.  When the timing is not so good, it’s pretty scary.  What’s a person to do?

We hope you’ll give us a call.  It pains us to think that you might be all alone as you face some enormous decisions.  When we stand at a crossroad, it’s good to have someone at our side.  We think we can help in some important ways.

  • Clear Thinking is the place to begin.  In tackling major decisions, it is important that all possibilities are evaluated carefully. Clear thinking takes into account the wisdom of the brain and the heart. 
  • Getting Organized is the next step.  It can be tempting to drift along and let things take their own course.  Sometimes that works out okay, but the best results come to those who have a clear sense of direction because they took charge of their experience. 
  • Connecting to helpful people helps the experience go smoothly.  Our communities are rich with resources, but the process of connecting is often confusing.  An experienced guide can be a big help. 
  • Sensitivity to changing relationships is very important.  It is common for pregnancy to rearrange a number of important relationships.  Handling these relationship changes is often the key to working out satisfactory outcomes. 
  • Encouragement makes a vital difference.  We all need someone “in our corner” at those times when doubt sets in.  We get a lot more done when we have a supportive team backing us up.

So, give it some thought.  If you think you might benefit from talking with someone—someone with professional objectivity and a spirit of encouragement—we would be honored to hear from you.  We believe that working together with creativity, confidence, and patience, we will discover some outstanding results.  

If you’re not quite sure what to do…Give us a call!